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BB Glow Facial

Does everybody want to have healthy-looking skin with a natural glow? But getting glowing skin is not a piece of cake. Cleansing your face, and applying toner and moisturizer can keep your skin healthy, but it will not help in enhancing your skin tone and complexion. So, what can you do to get a glowing face? BB Glow Facial is a boon for you! BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai provides the best BB Glow Facial treatment for those who are having dull-looking skin.

What is BB Glow Facial Treatment?

Are you suffering from uneven skin tones, sagging skin, under-eye bags, dryness, or wrinkles? No worries – BB Glow Facial can put an end to all those skin concerns. BB Glow Facial is a semi-permanent skincare treatment, which gives the look foundation. It’s an ideal option for those who are suffering from uneven skin tone, but it won’t work out for deep pigmentation and for people with darker skin tones.

BB Facial Glow treatment in Dubai starts with a 60 minutes treatment with deep cleansing. And then we hydrate and prepare your skin to enhance its glow. We use the Nano-needling technique which helps in boosting collagen production and rejuvenates your skin. Further, the BB glow serum which we use will add more nutrients to your skin and gives you the share you desire. The results will last longer for up to 6 months. 

Unlike other procedures, there is no downtime or healing period required for this treatment. All you need to do is to keep the product for 4 to 5 hours on your skin. Also, it’s strongly advised not to use foundation creams, pool, or hot spa after the procedure, as it will affect the final result. Soon after the first session, you will start noticing visible improvements such as glowing skin, even skin tone, and a soft plumy face.

Benefits of BB Glow Facial Treatment

BB Glow has created a new hype in the cosmetic industry due to two reasons. The first reason is – right after the treatment, your skin will appear like you are wearing foundation. So, it will be a great boon for those who are suffering from acne, and scars and those who are too busy applying makeup in their busy schedule.

The second is – BB Glow works the best as an anti-aging procedure, as the Nano-needling technology used in this treatment boosts collagen production and gives your skin a firm, youthful appearance.

Other benefits of BB Facial Glow Treatment in Dubai include: –

What Kind of Results You can expect from BB Glow Facial?

Schedule an appointment at BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai to get the BB Glow Facial treatment that lasts for 1 year.

Is BB Glow Facial Treatment Safe for you?

BB Glow Facial is 100% safe for all types of skin, as we use 100% high-quality materials. With the use of state-of-the-art facilities and a professional therapists, we ensure that the procedure will be comfortable for you and will provide the desired results. Also, BB Serums are free of alcohol and other allergy-causing agents, so, BB Glow Facial will be completely safe for you.

How Many Sessions are required to get a Good Glowing Result?

The number of sessions required depends on the skin type you have, the skin conditions, and your skin tone. You may require 2 sessions to get the results they want. If you have a dark skin tone, you may want 3 to 6 sessions to get glowing skin.

What to do After a BB Glow Facial Treatment?

There is no healing time or downtime required for this treatment. However, the first 5 hours after the treatment is very crucial, so you must keep your skin away from sweating, and extreme dryness and strictly don’t wash your face for 4 to 6 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the treatment is completely safe and painless. Our dermatologist makes sure that you experience a comfortable and relaxing treatment - no matter your skin sensitivity.

It depends on your skin type and how severe the acne is on your face. Initially, doctors recommend at least 2 anti-acne facials.

It reduces the acne process, clear out excess oil and deep cleanse the skin poles, leading to a more refreshing and balanced skin.

  • Best Anti-Acne Facial Ingredients
  • Custom Facial for Skin Type and condition
  • No Extra coverage or follow-up’s