Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Zainab Alattar
Primary Specialty GP Dermatologist
Experience 5 years
Medical Education University of Baghdad Alkindy college of medicine

General practitioner- Aesthetics medicine

A highly accomplished, responsible medical practitioner and expert who is completely involved with patient care; has worked closely with other doctors to ensure; provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for patients; aims at promoting optimal wellness for patients, shares a sense of duty and enthusiasm towards our goal to keep a professional atmosphere; has a strong dedication to research and training; is trained to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations and complies strictly to quality, safety, and infection control standards.
Dr. Zainab is highly experienced in treating common skin problems. She is also have an extensive knowledge on the latest and best practices in aesthetic medicine, as well as clinical experience in using laser treatments for all skin types.

Her main focus is to achieve the best long-lasting results to her patients with minimal scars, while preserving their safety and wellbeing. She aims always to build a strong relationship with her patients, and to provide them with the best advices and treatments according to their condition.



  • Forehead botox
  • Cat eye botox
  • Baby botox for craws feet
  • Hyperhydrosis (ubderarm)
  • Gummy smile


  • Cheek fillers
  • Lip fillers
  • Chin fillers
  • Jaw conturing
  • Nasolabial( smile lines)
  • Derma pen treatment face, body, hair
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Face profhilo
  • Body profhilo
  • Face prp
  • Hair prp
  • Body prp
  • Radio frequency
  • Lipolysis chin, body
  • Skin boosters
  • Hair fillers
  • Hair boosters
  • Iv drips
  • Post acne treatment (sub-session, hyperpigmentation- scarring)
  • Sensitive area whitening


  • hyperpigmentation
  • Booster for dull skin
  • Acne
  • Lipolysis
  • Undereye for dark circles
  • Lip rejuvenation
  • Wart removal
  • Moles removal
  • Skin tag removal