Does Laser Hair Removal Leave Scars?

Does Laser Hair Removal Leave Scars?

Does Laser Hair Removal Leave Scars?

Are you looking to undergo a laser hair removal treatment? But worried that laser hair removal leaves scars? Millions of people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment have found the treatment to be medically safe. However, there is a chance of 1% of people experiencing some side effects after the sessions. To clarify your doubts on laser hair removal side effects, continue reading this blog….

So, does laser hair removal cause scarring? This is the doubt that most people encounter. But the answer is – Scarring in laser hair removal is the rarest side effect that 1 out of 100 may experience, and it doesn’t happen very often. But to be honest, there is a chance of scarring and skin damage if the hands of inexpert practitioners perform the laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal and Scarring

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments for removing and reducing unwanted hair growth in body parts such as legs, armpits, bikini lines, upper lips, and chin areas. During the treatment, the laser machine targets the pigment in the hair. The laser rays destroy the hair follicles, removing unwanted hair.

The process seems simple but requires an experienced laser hair removal specialist to get the desired results without any side effects. In the hands of certified experts, side effects are mild such as redness and swelling that may result for 1 or 2 weeks. And there is no room for scarring or any other severe side effects.

What Causes Scarring in Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment doesn’t cause scarring, but it may occur due to the following two things:

Case 1: Choosing an Unqualified Practitioner

You may experience scars and wounds if an unqualified practitioner performs the treatment. Studies found that laser hair removal treatment done by non-physicians resulted in adverse effects such as burns, discoloration, and permanent scars. So, while choosing a laser hair removal specialist, it’s a must for you to choose one who is medically certified. Before sitting on the chair for the treatment, make sure to do some groundwork to check the clinic’s success story, the certifications of the physician performing the treatment, and the quality of the laser machine & rays they are using. We, BellaViso Medical Center, the No. 1 Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Dubai, provide safe laser hair removal treatment using the most advanced technology called Candela Gentle Max Pro that results in 100% satisfactory results & 0% side effects. Schedule an appointment with us now!

Case 2: Improper Care after Getting the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Scarring can also occur if you don’t take care of the treated area carefully. You must follow the after-care instructions suggested by the specialist without fail to enjoy the best results. Some of the post-treatment instructions to be followed are as follows:

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and protect the area from lights
  • Keep the treated area cool and moisturized
  • Don’t scratch/scrub or rub the treated areas
  • Don’t use over-the-counter ointments in case you feel any irritation
  • Don’t use any skin lotions or makeup products on the treated area for the first 24 hours

Bottom Line,

We hope now you have understood the real fact that Laser Hair Removal Treatment Doesn’t Cause Scars – but the way it was done may cause it. So, once you get your laser hair removal treatment, you should always go to the fully-qualified Skincare Clinic in Dubai like BellaViso.

The staff at BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai are medically certified and have years of experience providing safe skincare treatments for all skin types and tones. Please schedule an appointment now to have a consultation with us!

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