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Candela GentleYAG Laser | Hair Removal

Candela Gentle YAG is the most efficient and versatile laser hair removal device in demand and the reason? It is less painful, fast, and offers a reliable treatment. What makes it useful and prompt is that it generates 1064 nm wavelengths and blends both power and energy with pulse duration, to give remarkable results. The Candela GentleYAG is competent to provide virtually every skincare treatment to you.

People with darker skin are worried about their skin treatment, and regular laser machines do not prove themselves to be capable enough. Gentle YAG is equally effective on dark skin, as on any other skin type. Not only this, but the Gentle YAG laser also works best without doing any damage to the surface.

Advantages of Candela Gentle YAG

Re-energize Skin Effect

The removal of dead skin pigments and lesions results in a revitalized skin.

No Downtime

There is no downtime; that means right after treatment, the patients can head back home, work, and carry on with their daily routine.

For All Skin Types

The treatment is effective and gets the same results for every type of skin. It does so with the help of minimal penetration of laser energy during deep penetration.


The Gentle YAG Laser fluence an array of spot sizes and features various pulse duration; this allows it to reduce unwanted hair, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Suitable for Any Area of the Body

The spot sizes vary from 1.5mm to 24mm are anatomically apt and influence excellent delivery capabilities. Virtually every spot or hair on any area is treatable by Gentle YAG laser, such wrinkles, fine lines, beard bumps, and more.

Multiple Configuration

Another great benefit of Candela Laser is that it comes in varieties to satisfy your specific needs. Gentle YAG HR for hair removal, Gentle YAG SRT for skin re-energization, skin tightening, reduction of skin wrinkles, and more.

Skin Protection

The Laser features a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). The discharge hits of cryogen gases before and after the treatment. This ensures the patient does not feel much pain and maximizes the comfort of the patient. DCD also keeps the temperature of the skin balanced to prevent the irritation.

Gentle YAG Laser: Procedure

The system can explicitly remove the unwanted hair, reduce wrinkles lines, and make nose veins invisible with 1064nm laser wavelength. The Gentle YAG Laser provides prompt treatment with less number of pulse variations compared to others. It does so by combining high power and high energy with variable pulse durations of 0.25-300ms. The system ensures that no pores or any other area of the skin are affected during the treatment.

Candela YAG Laser strikes the laser beams that pass through the skin to the follicle of the hair and eradicates the hair follicle, producing the heat leaving the skin around it unaffected. After the treatment, the epidermal is protected by the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). The procedure of every surface and skin treatment is almost the same with some minor variations. Moreover, the Candela YAG Laser has the largest spot size compared to other lasers.

Candela Gentle YAG: Treatments

Utilizing novel 18mm spot size and 2-hertz repetition rate, it is astonishing to know that one Laser can carry out dozens of skincare treatments. However, probably that is the reason for the sudden and extensive use of Candela YAG Laser. The procedures that the Laser can carry out are:

Why choose Candela Gentle YAG Laser?

The Gentle Yag laser is highly effective and offers incredibly fast treatment. It also covers a wide array of treatments and saves you some bucks from buying a specific laser for only one treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Candela Gentle Yag Laser is a non-invasive treatment device mainly designed to remove unwanted hair. It also treats a variety of other skin issues. 

Yes, It is useful and fast. The system allows high power and energy to combine with pulsed radiation to present prompt and long term results.

The treatments are virtually painless. The device also features a Dynamic Cooling Device, which cools down the skin's temperature to ensure the comfort of patients.

  • Offer Non-invasive skin treatments to maximize the ease of the patient.
  • Our professionals follow precautions for the ultimate protection of your skin.
  • Offer effective utilization of Gentle YAG Laser for good results.