Paramedical Skin

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Paramedical Skin

Have you undergone any type of breast implant, or you are suffering with skin diseases or any other surgery that affect the natural look of your skin? Are you looking for an effective treatment to get rid of those scars or looking for a real miracle to get a natural-looking skin? Then a Micropigmentation treatment can be the right choice for you! Paramedical treatment can help in restoring the real look before augmentation or treatment. If you’re looking for a skin tattooing treatment in Dubai to get rid of scars, stitch marks, burns, or injuries, get help from professional practitioners from Hollywood Smile Medical Center in Dubai.

Hollywood Smile - Paramedical Skin Practitioner in Dubai

Being highly specialized in the field of Paramedical Aesthetics, Hollywood Smile Medical Center in Dubai provides the best skincare services in a state-of-the-art facility. We Know and Understand your skin and thus advise you to redefine and recreate your beautiful-looking skin.

At Hollywood Smile Medical Center in Dubai, we believe healthy skin means beautiful skin and beautiful skin means personal beauty and confidence. Our services are mainly focused on treating – wrinkles, skin tags, skin tanning, pigmentation, laser hair removal, lip tinting, fine lines, and types of semi-permanent makeup procedures.

We understand the fact that everyone wants to make their skin feel healthy, and glowing. It is our pleasure to help you achieve your skin goals in a positive way. Have a consultation with our practitioners to see what we can do for your skin.

Paramedical Skin Treatment

As we all know, micro pigmentation or semi-permanent makeup is now ruling the cosmetic industry. But do you, now can restore the areola o after undergoing breast augmentation, scars, other burn and injuries? Yes, it’s called Paramedical Permanent Makeup (PMU).

Paramedical Permanent Makeup involves injecting pigments into the skin like microblading to create an illusion of natural-looking. This treatment not only helps to restore your natural look but also helps to regain your confidence after mastectomy and other treatments. Since there is no possibility to bring back the areolas, micro pigmentation is really a boon for breast cancer survivors. With advanced 3D techniques, you can recreate the look of your nipples and missing color in a realistic way.

Paramedical Skin Pigmentation Process – How to get started?

Step 1:



The treatment starts with a consultation with our experts to understand your expectations. And then, we will design the shape to get approval from you, so that everything goes as per your expectations. We will choose the colors based on the results you want and will do our best to flawlessly match your requirements.

Step 2:



The process is performed by our certified experts with the help of needles to inject the pigmentation into the skin. Tropical anesthesia will be given to you to numb the area and to make the process comfortable for you. After the treatment, we will dress the treated area and will provide you with a list of instructions to be followed after the treatment.

Step 3:


Aftercare Tips

Right after the treatment, the result will tend to be darker than the expected results. But, after a few days of the treatment, once the area is healed, the color lightens and brings out the desired results. To get the best result out of the treatment, it’s strongly advised to follow the aftercare instructions as suggested by our dermatologist.

Other Conditions can be treated with Paramedical Makeup

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, schedule an initial consultation with us to get the look you desire and deserve.

Aftercare Instruction to be followed after Areola Lightening

One solution doesn’t fit everyone – so the healing process, and the results may vary based on your skin tone and the pigments used. If you have any questions or doubts during the healing process, you are always welcome to visit our clinic directly or call us at the given number.

How to Get Started with Paramedical Skin Treatment?

Get ready to bring your inner beauty by booking an appointment with us! We at Hollywood Smile Medical Center in Dubai work with a team of experienced and board-certified dermatologists who will do their best to make you feel confident about the way you look and feel!

Schedule your appointment now by filling out the contact us form or calling @+971504278083.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the treatment is completely safe and painless. Our dermatologist makes sure that you experience a comfortable and relaxing treatment - no matter your skin sensitivity.

It depends on your skin type and how severe the acne is on your face. Initially, doctors recommend at least 2 anti-acne facials.

It reduces the acne process, clear out excess oil and deep cleanse the skin poles, leading to a more refreshing and balanced skin.

  • Best Anti-Acne Facial Ingredients
  • Custom Facial for Skin Type and condition
  • No Extra coverage or follow-up’s