Lip Lightening (Dark Lips Neutralization)

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Lip Lightening

We all want soft, pink luscious lips! But unfortunately, not everyone is gifted to have rosy lips! Are you having dark lips and looking for ways to get them pink? A Lip lightening treatment can transform thin, flat lips into voluminous, and fuller-looking. This treatment works to brighten the darker lips and aims to neutralize the tone across the top and bottom of the lips. BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai provides the best Lip Lightening and Dark Lips Neutralization treatment to enhance the beauty of your lips by improving the shape of the lips and creating an illusion of fullness. Dark Lips Neutralization is the best way to add a luscious look to your lips. Get soft, smooth, and kissable lips by contacting the skincare experts from BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai.

What is Lip Lightening & Dark Lips Neutralization?

Dark Lip Neutralization is a cosmetic treatment specifically designed for people who are looking for effective ways to neutralize the darkness in the lips and get the desired color you want. Our practitioners will analyze the reason for your lip darkness, and provide the right treatment to neutralize the lip colors on both flip sides. The treatment session for Dark Lip Neutralization includes 2 touch-up sessions at the start and 1 to 3 treatment sessions to achieve your look.  Depending on the lips’ condition, additional sessions may require. This treatment works better for both women and men by improving the appearance of lips. Get defined, fuller-looking, and glowing lips without surgery and fillers.

What are the Benefits of Dark Lips Neutralization Treatment?

By undergoing the lip-lightening treatment, you can enjoy a long list of benefits & it including:

How many Sessions are required to get the results you deserve?

Dark Lips Lightening requires 2 to 5 sessions to get the results you deserve. However, one size doesn’t fit all, and so, the number of sessions required may also vary depending on the condition and existing color of your lips. Schedule an initial consultation with our dermatologists to determine the number of sessions required to have luscious, pink, kissable lips.

When I Can Expect Results after getting a Dark Lips Neutralization Treatment?

You can expect a bolder and brighter color immediately after the procedure. After a month, the brightness fade and you will start seeing a more natural look with a softer color. Typically, it will take almost 6 to 7 weeks to see noticeable results.

Does Dark Lip Lightening Treatment Work for Everyone?

Not everyone fits this treatment. People with excessive pigmentation are not suitable for this treatment, as they may end up getting even darker lips. However, highly trained artists with extensive knowledge and skills can work on your lips to bring a glossy look.

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Schedule your appointment to get Lip Lightening Treatment! BellaViso Medical Center in Dubai provides a safe and effective dark lips neutralization treatment that can make your lips glossy, fuller, and luscious. Our highly trained technicians can analyze your skin condition and suggest you the right pigment color that will neutralize the dark lips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the treatment is completely safe and painless. Our dermatologist makes sure that you experience a comfortable and relaxing treatment - no matter your skin sensitivity.

It depends on your skin type and how severe the acne is on your face. Initially, doctors recommend at least 2 anti-acne facials.

It reduces the acne process, clear out excess oil and deep cleanse the skin poles, leading to a more refreshing and balanced skin.

  • Best Anti-Acne Facial Ingredients
  • Custom Facial for Skin Type and condition
  • No Extra coverage or follow-up’s