Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Samira Ahli
Primary Specialty Implantologist
Experience 9 years
Medical Education University of Sharjah

Dr. Samireh is a Dubai Health Authority Certified Dentist with more than 4 years of experience covering all aspects of General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

With Dr. Samireh’s experience in Ajman Univestiy, Sharjah Central Prison with Appreciation of Excellence Service and University Dental Hospital of Sharjah, she has been able to bring her extensive knowledge in providing an exceptional service with solutions that best suits her patient’s individual case. With kindness and passion, she treats her patients to a healthy oral hygiene.

To bring the latest of her expert solutions, she is currently undergoing “Advance Innovation in Implant Dentistry Course”.

Dr. Samireh’s main field of interests is Oral Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Implant Innovative Solutions.