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Best Affordable Dental Braces in Dubai UAE

We are past those days when getting dental braces was one of the painful and most expensive treatments. Dental braces in Dubai are cost-effective and cause no soreness or distress. Dental braces are minimalist and straightforward devices. They are utilized to align and straighten teeth to their original position perfectly and correct thick and misaligned jaws to provide a beautiful smile. Dentists at BellaViso, offer the best affordable braces in Dubai that fix your bite and improve your smile. Braces are often suggested to kids under 10 years of age. In the present time, due to obscure reasons, adults too are also prescribed braces. More than 20 percent of people who wear braces are adults.

Best Affordable Dental Braces in Dubai UAE

Dental Braces in Dubai

The search for the best braces dentist in Dubai can be thwarting with so many options. But if you are looking for the most reliable and affordable braces treatment, BellaViso should be on the top of your list. Here we ensure our patients get exceptional quality and cost-effective teeth braces in Dubai. Besides this, we also make sure that none of our procedures cause pain or soreness in gums.

Why do I need Dental Braces?

Braces help align upper and lower jaws, straighten crooked teeth, and improve smiles and faces’ overall aesthetics. Teeth can unintendedly move from their position at any age. Dental braces are an efficient way to hold them back at their place perfectly aligned. Furthermore, if you are prone to get cavities, getting to straighten your teeth can help you elude that. A dental plaque that causes cavities ideally hides at places where the brush can’t reach. Once you get your teeth straight, It would be impossible for the plague to hide. The following are the most common symptoms that tell you to get dental braces.

You need teeth braces If you have any of the following symptoms.

  • Visibly crooked or crowded teeth
  • Mild pain and hassle while brushing around crooked teeth
  • Pressure or heaviness on the jawline
  • Often tongue biting or cutting your tongue on your teeth
  • Not perfect bite
  • Jaws making noise when you chew food
  • Difficulty pronouncing some sounds
Why do i need dental braces

How dental braces help teeth straightening?

Teeth braces seem intricate dentistry work, yet they are the simplest way to give aesthetics face structure. The dental braces put pressure on your teeth, slowly getting them to move into the right position. The arc wire sets the pressure. At the same time, other parts work together to hold it in one place.

Ceramic and Metal Braces

Ceramic and Metal Braces

Metal and Ceramic dental braces perform the same function. They both are fitted to place a definite amount of pressure on your teeth. However, the braces are distinguished when we talk about appearance. The metal braces support a metal wire which is scaffold and highly noticeable. In contrast, ceramic braces can be blended in with the color of your teeth. That means, if you or a child is looking forward to a special occasion, ceramic braces can be found less visible. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that both braces contain metal brackets, which will be visible when smiling.

Dental Braces Dubai Case Studies


Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Provide aesthetics to smile
  • Easily blended with natural teeth
  • No discomfort or irritation in gums
  • A solution to almost all maxillary and mandibular problems

Benefits of Metal Braces

  • Strong and resistant
  • Perfect for correcting any misalignment.
  • Several color options available
  • Durable

Benefits of Metal Braces

  • Strong and resistant
  • Perfect for correcting any misalignment.
  • Several color options available
  • Durable

Dental Braces: The Procedure

In the first appointment, the orthodontist examines the patient through x-ray images. After thoroughly analyzing the data and the patient’s dental condition, the procedure begins

  • Step:1. The teeth are entirely cleaned
  • Step: 2. Customizable dental braces are carefully fitted to the front of the teeth. The wire is then slightly tightened to make sure the braces don’t fall off.
  • Step: 3. The orthodontist then explains to the patient how to clean and maintain the braces 
  • Step: 4. Appointments are carried out every 4-6 week 
  • Step: 5. After the completion of treatment, braces are removed, and teeth are refined
  • Step: 6. Retainers are provided to the patient. These make sure that the results last longer.
Dental Braces The Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

No, during the first week of the treatment, teeth might feel loose, which is absolutely normal.

Yes, because tiny particles of food get stuck in the braces. However, we recommend the proper cleaning of braces for fresh breath.

When it comes down to efficiency, Metal braces take the lead. Patients can move their teeth slightly faster because of the fact that they have infused metals around them.

  • We offer practical and affordable teeth braces in Dubai

    Our team of orthodontics is fully equipped with advanced equipment

    The procedures we employ are proven to render noteworthy results

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