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Best Affordable Dental Braces in Dubai UAE

Long gone are the days when dental braces used to be expensive and painful. Today, it’s a non-invasive, effective, and affordable treatment that not just gives you a quick smile but also comes personalized as per your teeth requirements.

At BellaViso Medical Center, we offer the best affordable braces in Dubai. Our years of experience, combined with the best equipment used allow us to restore your original smile while also correcting thick and misaligned jaws to their place. We treat people of all ages and offer complete dental braces services in Dubai including metal, ceramic, lingual, Damon, and invisible braces.

Best Affordable Dental Braces in Dubai UAE

Dental Braces in Dubai

Your search for the best braces dentist in Dubai ends today. We at BellaViso offer state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment with the most reliable and affordable braces in Dubai.

Here, we ensure our patients get the best quality so they can enjoy their life and eat what they want. Besides this, we also make sure that you don’t feel any pain or soreness in your gums during the procedure.

Why do I need Dental Braces?

With time, our teeth can unintendedly move from their original position. This normally happens when you’re prone to cavities or are eluded with any dental plaque. Braces help align the upper and lower jaws, straighten crooked teeth, improve the smile, and overall uplift your face aesthetics.

And once you get your teeth straight, you can say goodbye to dental plaque. Following are the common symptoms why you should get dental branches.

Why do i need dental braces

How dental braces help teeth straightening?

Teeth braces may seem like a hard thing to get, but in reality, they are highly efficient and affordable dental treatments. The procedure includes an arc wire that slowly puts pressure on your teeth, allowing them to gradually move to their original position.

Ceramic and Metal Braces

Ceramic and Metal Braces

Metal and Ceramic dental braces perform the same function. They both are fitted to place a definite amount of pressure on your teeth. However, the braces are distinguished when we talk about appearance. The metal braces support a metal wire which is scaffold and highly noticeable. In contrast, ceramic braces can be blended in with the color of your teeth. That means, if you or a child is looking forward to a special occasion, ceramic braces can be found less visible. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that both braces contain metal brackets, which will be visible when smiling.

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Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Benefits of Metal Braces

Benefits of Metal Braces

Dental Braces: The Procedure

In the first appointment, the orthodontist examines the patient through x-ray images. After thoroughly analyzing the data and the patient’s dental condition, the procedure begins

Dental Braces The Procedure

Affordable Teeth Straightening in Dubai

BellaViso Medical Center is proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments that covers patients from young adults to those wanting to get a perfect smile. It is never too late to shine and regain your confidence. We are a passionate dental clinic in Dubai that is on a mission to give its patients the healthy smile they deserve.

Our experienced team of highly trained doctors are here to help you get the best affordable treatment you deserve. Book a consultation today and get a perfect smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, during the first week of the treatment, teeth might feel loose, which is absolutely normal.

Yes, because tiny particles of food get stuck in the braces. However, we recommend the proper cleaning of braces for fresh breath.

When it comes down to efficiency, Metal braces take the lead. Patients can move their teeth slightly faster because of the fact that they have infused metals around them.

  • We offer practical and affordable teeth braces in Dubai

    Our team of orthodontics is fully equipped with advanced equipment

    The procedures we employ are proven to render noteworthy results

In general, ceramic braces take longer than metal braces. Both of these treatments are highly efficient and may take about 1-3 years depending on your teeth condition.

Dental braces are highly comfortable for treating misaligned teeth. They are easy to remove, clean, and don’t affect your day-to-day eating habits.

BellaViso Medical Center

BellaViso is a state of the art medical center in Al Barsha, Dubai. Our years of experience and advanced technological equipment allow us to perform complex surgeries and Laser resurfacing with the right precision. We are dedicated to deliver each of our patients the beautiful smile they deserve.


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