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Lumineers in Dubai

BellaViso is a pioneer in providing exceptional services in the field of dentistry, dermatology, and laser hair removal treatment solution. Now we proudly present you the excellence in Lumineers teeth in Dubai to transform your entire facial appearance painlessly. Our cosmetic dentists are certified and well-trained as Lumineers providers.

Lumineers are the best cosmetic surgery around the world. It is also used as a dental treatment in a smile makeover process but serves as a separate solution for a variety of different issues. Crafted from cerinate porcelain, it is a wafer-thin layer of a white substance that perfectly aligns with your teeth without any pain or discomfort.

It is the best method to gain a natural-looking smile in no time. The best part about Lumineers is that it can be placed over the bridgework or existing crown without even replacing them.

Lumineers Dubai
What is a Lumineer

What is a Lumineer?

Normally veneers require the reduction of the outer surface of your teeth by up to 0.75mm. Lumineers are a painless and permanent solution that requires no drilling, shots, or any other sensitive thing in your mouth. It is one of the best ways to gain a beautiful and natural smile.

Get a Natural Smile You've Ever Wanted

Because this is the most effective cosmetic dentistry treatment, thousands of people around the world are patented with Lumineers.

At BellaViso, we use the most advanced and chemical-free procedure to provide you with the best Lumineers in Dubai. Here are some of the dental distortions Lumineers can fix:

  • Permanent Tooth Stains
  • Misshapen or Broken Teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Unsightly gaps between teeth
  • Discolored bridges or crowns
Get a Natural Smile You have Ever Wanted
How does lumineer Work

How does it Work?

  • Initial Consultation: The dentist will perform an initial consultation of your upper and lower teeth and take photos and other records to ensure that the Lumineers are perfectly fit.
  • Molding Process: The records are then sent to a laboratory where Lumineers teeth are crafted.
  • Placing process: After a couple of days, the Lumineers are placed on your teeth, ensuring that they perfectly fit.
  • Polishing: Teeth are then moderated etched and polished to provide a perfect end result. Your dentist will then provide you with some initial guidelines to help protect your Lumineers for the daily course of functions.

What are the advantages of Lumineers?

Lumineers is a treatment that requires:

  • No injection
  • No drilling of the adjacent tooth
  • No extensive dentist visit
  • No waiting for a couple of weeks to get the job done
  • Beautiful and natural teeth, in just 2 visits
What are the advantages of Lumineers

The most versatile Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

Align Crooked Teeth:

Lumineers can also serve as an alternative for dental braces as it adjusts your teeth according to the size. Most people are a little scared of the pain they will endure while dental treatment. Lumineers are great under such conditions.

Restore Chipped Teeth:

Lumineers can be placed over chipped teeth and provide an easy fix for the solution. They are customized and match the adjacent tooth color.

Renew Old Dental Work:

Your braces or crowns are getting dull? Lumineers can easily brighten up your previous dental work to a whole new level.

Perfect Hollywood Smile:

Lumineers also serve as a great cosmetic treatment for Hollywood smile. Dentists at BellaViso clinic are specialized to give you the best Lumineer treatment in Dubai.

Eliminate Spacing:

If you have gaps between your teeth and you wish for it to just go away, Lumineers can provide a fast, non-invasive solution that eliminates spaces in no time.

Reshape Misshapen Teeth:

Misshapen teeth always provide a contemporary image of our appearance. Now get rid of all this fear and smile with confidence with dental Lumineers. They are placed on your misshapen tooth, without the need for the removal of the adjacent tooth.

It brightens your teeth:

Lumineers are the perfect way to get extra white teeth, without having to go to the dentist every week for re-colorization. This is a long-lasting procedure that is not affected by your eating or drinking habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall Lumineers Dubai price depends on your teeth condition and what kind of replacement you're looking forward to. Contact us for a detailed price chart and consultation session.

Lumineers are ultra-thin as compared to veneers. In the procedure, no tooth reduction is necessary and they remain resilient to last over 2 decades.

The Lumineers treatment is a completely painless procedure that requires no drilling or wires in your mouth. Patients will have no discomfort whatsoever.

An average procedure can last from around 2-3 weeks. Once the consultation session is complete, it is the manufacturing process of Lumineers that requires some time.

With Lumineers, you can still eat your favorite food and drink with confidence as they are very durable. However, it is recommended that you should visit your dentist every 6 months for proper hygiene checkup.

  • Get a perfect smile without any pain
  • Custom Lumineers for color correction
  • No additional work or replacement needed

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