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Best Digital Smile Design Clinic Dubai

While many people will find their natural smile harmonious, they still go for Digital Smile Design (DSD) to enhance the aesthetics of facial features and get a better smile. And people who feel they are not blessed with a harmonious smile have not to worry anymore. The DSD treatment also offers the addition of cosmetic or restorative specialist to provide a wide variety of solutions. It is a systemic plus artistic approach to practical and aesthetic dentistry.

The treatment protocol is entirely predictable. That means the patient will already know the look of their new smile and walk with ultimate satisfaction from the clinic. Moreover, Digital design is customized specifically for every individual. At BellaViso Digital Smile Design clinic Dubai, we make our patients co-designer of their smiles and let them input color, shape, and ideas for better enhancement.

Best Digital Smile Design Clinic Dubai
What is Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an impressively innovative tool for smile correction. It helps dentists to work on the real smile of the patient and get expected results. The DSD is basically a smile correction procedure that helps to achieve the maximization of dental aesthetics of an individual’s face. The technique is hassle-free, non-invasive, and aims to make a beautiful smile. Unlike other aesthetic dentistry treatments, the DSD technique is much more functional and offers top-notch results in half an hour.

The patients’ desires and expectations are taken into account by our dentist to get perfect results. Digital Smile Design’s (DSD) effective communication method allows the highest level of satisfaction. The entire concept relies on analyzing your facial features with the help of high-end photography and video systems.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Digital Smile Design?

An individual who wants to change anything about his/her smile is an ideal candidate. The non-invasive treatment protocol does not demand anything complex. The pictures and videos in high-resolution are taken just to visualize and understand the correlation of your gums, lips, and nose. Following that, our dentist will involve you in the planning phase, where you would tell how you would want end results. Any person’s mouth can be visualized with high-end technology.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Digital Smile Design
Digital Smile Design Procedure

Digital Smile Design: Procedure

The procedure takes about 35-40 minutes. It involves taking high-resolution pictures, videos, and also impressions of your face to study the models. At this step, the dentist asks the preferences and expectations of the patient. The predicted results are drawn on digital photos, keeping in accord with the choice of the patient.

These drawings are taken to the laboratory just to craft a trial smile. After a week later, the dentist will present the trial smile to the patient at the next appointment. This trail smile will show how the end results will look like after getting Digital Smile Design. It is a replica made by studying your facial and teeth features, just to see how the first smile will look at the patient.

A trial smile is the most significant part of the procedure. Because it helps the dentist and the patient to analyze the results before completing the treatment. In the last step, the dentist replaces the trail with a permanent smile.

Digital Smile Design: Benefits

DSD is a multifunction dental treatment, and it offers an array of advantages. The following are some benefits of Digital Smile Design.

Digital Smile Design Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Drawings are made looking at visuals of the patient's mouth, and these drawings are used in the laboratory to create a mold to show the patient the new smile.

Digital Smile Design is considered the best treatment protocol to get a better and attractive smile

No, Dental Smile Design is an entirely non-invasive treatment. The treatment causes no pain.

  • Intense care is put to get desirable results
  • Let you be the co-designer of your smile
  • Offer ultimate satisfaction