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Best Laser Gingivectomy in Dubai

But with an advanced dental treatment known as Laser Gingivectomy, you can now improve your gum condition. This surgical procedure is ideal for providing long-lasting comfort.

BellaViso is offering premium laser Gingivectomy services in Dubai. Our experts guarantee an uncomplicated and least painful solution.

What is Laser Gingivectomy?

Laser Gingivectomy is a surgical process of removing gingiva also known as gum tissues. The surgical process is performed When your gums are unhealthy, and any other method can’t resolve the condition. Normally when a disease causes deep pockets of plaque and calculus in your tooth, doctors recommend Gingivectomy surgery.

Surgically removing the affected tissue stops the damage from spreading. Some people also choose it for cosmetic purposes like improving the aesthetics of teeth. Our laser technology at BellaViso makes the treatment simple and painless. Everything is performed under the supervision of expert surgeons.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Gingivectomy?

After careful analysis, the dentist will recommend if the procedure is suitable for you or not.However, these problems may make you a candidate for a laser gingivectomy procedure:

People who are unhappy with their smiles due to dark, uneven, or excessive gum display can also get this treatment

Benefits of the Treatment

Although the treatment is only limited to a number of solutions, it can still offer you tons of beneficial traits.

Laser Gingivectomy Procedure

The number of gum tissues that need to be removed will determine the length of the procedure. In general, the procedure takes anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. Minor issues will be solved on the same day. In case the problem has drastically increased, you have to opt for multiple sessions. The common steps involved in the procedure are:

Note that your dentist will explain the whole procedure before starting the treatment. You can also request to see laser gingivectomy before and after images to know what to expect.

Laser Gingivectomy Healing Time and aftercare

Once the effect of the anesthesia is reduced, the patient will experience some pain and bleeding in some cases is a few hours to days, varying from person to person. Proper post-treatment care can promote better healing. However, a routine checkup is mandatory for the benefit of the person. Contact your doctor if you have a fever, excessive pain, pus in your mouth or the bleeding is not stopping.

What We Offer

At BellaViso, we have expert dentists and surgeons to perform the set tasks. Here we follow a strictly guided procedure so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe treatment. For Gingivectomy Dubai, we use advanced laser technology to reshape your gumline. Anybody looking for Laser Gingivectomy treatment in Dubai can opt for our services. We are the leading dental clinic in Dubai that offers such remarkable, revolutionized procedures. For more inquiries, book an appointment with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a surgical procedure that involves pain. Dentists will use local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. You will not feel any pain during the treatment.

The procedure can be permanently provided that you follow all the instructions provided by your dentist. If you don't care about your oral health, it will lead to other problems.

In general, the gum tissue will take around 10-14 days to heal. It depends on your oral health, lifestyle choices, and diet.

Yes, the gums will grow back after the treatment. In fact, the laser tool will align the gum line leading to a perfect aesthetic smile.

  • Affordable dental treatment in Dubai
  • Permanent Results
  • Structured gumline after the treatment

Unhealthy eating habits and not maintaining oral hygiene can cause plaque to build up between teeth and gum. It can contain bacteria which further leads to a disease state.

Yes, food stuck between teeth can pave the way to bacterial growth, causing swelling, pain, infection, and gingivitis. If not cleared on time, it can develop into gum disease.

It depends on factors like the severity of the disease and the portion of gum to be removed. Generally, the procedure takes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

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