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Brightening Facial Treatment

Everyday pollution and sun rays make our skin dull and dry. The harmful elements in these seeps out your skin’s natural nutrients. This results in hyperpigmentation and a dull complexion. If you are worried about your skin, you’re at the perfect place to revive your skin natural gleam. Try the Brightening facial treatment – perfect for your pigmented, premature, or uneven screen. Increase your skin glow and get a fine appearance with innovative skin brightening technology in Dubai.

BellaViso offers customizable brightening facial treatment, designed to enliven, deep cleanse, and hydrate your skin. The treatment is designed for those that want instant and effective results by not undergoing any medical or cosmetic treatment.

How brightening facial treatment provides flawless skin?

Brightening facial stimulates the natural cell renewal process and provides a vibrant, clear, and prominent skin tone. The process removes excess oil production from your skin, controls it, and works as a gentle exfoliator to deliver a fresh and glowing skin.

Our dermatologists imply powerful antioxidant products to fight against environmental pollution and damage. The treatment stimulates collagen production deep inside your skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity, helps fade wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. In the end, you will get fine, young-looking, even skin.

Why Bellaviso is the Best for Brightening Facial?

The latest technology and experienced professionals make us the hub of the best brightening facial in Dubai. Our treatment procedures are carefully crafted per your needs. With our custom approach, we aim to deliver the best possible skin treatment for everyone.

Our facial results in improved features with brighter, cleaner, and healthier skin. For flawless skin and a spot-free face, get in contact with Bellaviso today!

Benefits of Brightening Facial

Getting a facial from BellaViso doubles these benefits because we use the finest quality ingredients. Our procedure is safe, secure, and done in an uplifting environment so you feel relaxed.

Why does our skin become dull?

The natural glow of the skin loses its intensity as we age. The dullness in our skin is caused by dead skin cells that don’t heal or regenerate itself. This makes our skin look tired and flat. Radiations from sunlight and pollution block the pores on the surface. This affects the natural healing process of the skin. Brightening facial treatment helps in the renewal process of natural skin cells.

The rate of the renewal process is affected by many factors including lifestyle, aging, environment, and genetics. Impaired blood circulation is also a factor that leads to pigmentation, wrinkles, and dull skin. All these factors cause our skin to lose its natural plumpness. Brightening facial removes the dirt and debris deep in the skin and restores its natural renewal process.

Symptoms of Dull Skin

Our Brightening Facial Procedure

The advanced brightening facial treatment at BellaViso, begins by thorough consultation and analysis of your skin. First, we understand why the dullness in your skin complexion is happening and how effectively we can treat it. The dermatologists consider various factors like your skin condition, type, health status, and particular symptoms to propose a complete treatment plan. They then explain the whole process, total duration, and any risks (if any) to you.

Our brightening facial results in deep cleansing and regeneration of the natural skin elements. It also helps in the removal of impurities of dead skin cells. Added benefits include blood circulation, nutrients, and oxygen levels. For long term optimal results, continued treatment is required. 

Who is the Right Candidate?

Anyone who wants to brighten their skin tone can benefit from the brightening facial. It works wonders for both males and females. You can get this treatment if you have:

However, it is contraindicated if you are;

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no downtime in the brightening facial treatment at BellaViso. Regular everyday activities can be resumed immediately.

The treatment will take 1 hour depending on your facial condition and initial consultation.

Brightening facial is an affordable treatment. Prices may vary on the number of treatments required.

  • Instant results with no downtime
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Best Cosmetic Surgeons

The total number of appointments is personalized to every person’s needs. Your skin condition, health status, and treatment goals decide how many sessions will you require.

Our dermatologists use the safest methods to redeem your natural glow. This means a pain-free treatment with little to no discomfort.

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