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Zoom Teeth Whitening | Most Effective Teeth Whitening Procedure in Dubai

BellaViso is the best teeth whitening clinic in Dubai that offers inexpensive Zoom Teeth Whitening and other services in Al Barsha. We offer to restore your bright smile and make you the most noticeable person in the room. You may have noticed that people with a beautiful smile are always more confident and more social. They easily find their way to contribute to social gatherings. The thing is their smile makes them more likable and boosts their confidence. 

The secret of that brighter and beautiful smile is crystal clear and sparkling teeth. As we age and consume different types of meals, various foods leave stains and blots on our teeth. This declines the alignment of one’s cosmetic appearance. So, if you are also troubled with stained teeth and an unattractive smile, try our zoom whitening procedure and boost your confidence again.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening and why should you use it?

Zoom is the latest in-surgery teeth whitening procedure that is quite popular in Dubai. It is a permanent and easy solution for people with stained and discolored teeth. The treatment involves the use of Hydrogen Peroxide and LED light that accelerates the bleaching process and produces stain-free white teeth.

The increasing demand for this procedure tells a lot about its benefits. Many people are using it for bleaching their yellow teeth that otherwise can’t be treated. Zoom whitening treatment is comfortable and non-invasive. It does not involve any surgeries and keeps your natural teeth intact. So, if you have stained teeth that won’t go away with conventional whitening, try Zoom. It takes less than 2 hours to restore your bright smile and make your face look more attractive.

Role Zoom Teeth Whitening Plays to Get you a Brighter Smile beforeRole Zoom Teeth Whitening Plays to Get you a Brighter Smile after

Your Road Towards a Brighter Smile

Dentists at our clinic are equipped with advanced laser light tools and proven methods to carry out the treatment. And to get you a more beautiful and brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening carried out at our clinic promises long-lasting whitening effects. The process is tested to be one of the most efficient methods of getting white and clean teeth. You get not only spontaneous effects but also long-lasting results. Teeth cleaning Dubai treatment enhances the overall surfacing of every tooth. When stubborn food-stains are entirely removed, the dentist begins the thorough cleansing of teeth. The procedure ends with bestowing you a more intense and more radiant smile! 

Top 5 reasons why Zoom teeth whitening Dubai provides you with a profound cosmetic appearance.

Who is the Best Candidate?

You might have heard that everyone with whatever oral health condition can get teeth whitening treatment. Yes, everyone can, but the results won’t be as you expected If your oral health condition is not good. The perfect candidate for teeth whitening is one with healthy teeth and gums and good oral health. Most dentists recommend a full dental check-up before the treatment. This prior check-up is suggested so the dentist can ensure that you don’t have any oral health concerns. Such as cavities, crooked teeth, etc.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Dubai: Procedure

It is a comprehensive procedure that requires expert hands-on experience. Dentists at BellaViso Dubai possess exceptional training and proficiency. This experience allows them to carry out complex whitening issues successfully. It is the quickest form of teeth whitening treatment with no side effect, pain, or any other severe symptom. The procedures end in around 60 minutes.

Benefits of Choosing Our Zoom Teeth Whitening

Dentists at BellaViso have endowed thousands of people with a brighter smile. They use the best teeth cleaning methods to lighten the natural color of teeth. Moreover, our experts know how to make the patient comfortable and easy during the treatment. The following are the further factors that make our Zoom whitening the best teeth whitening procedure in Dubai:

Some people might have concerns about the sensitivity of their teeth. At BellaViso, we take care of that too. Our flexible system allows the dentist to alter the intensity settings according to the candidate’s teeth sensitivity.

After Care to Maintain the Long Lasting Results

After treatment, your teeth are susceptible to stains for up to 48 hours. Numbers of factors are found, causing obstinate stains on teeth. The most known include coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc. In order to maintain the long-lasting effect of whitening treatment, avoid dark-colored items such as:


If you need to consume any of these beverages, use a straw to drink.

Laser Teeth Whitening Vs. Zoom Teeth Whitening

Many people confuse zoom teeth whitening with laser whitening. Though the treatments are somewhat alike, their procedure and uses are different.

Zoom teeth whitening targets your entire teeth structure at once, while laser only works on one tooth at a time. Moreover, zoom is faster and takes very minimal time to complete. It also protects your teeth from excess infrared exposure. Both processes are reliable and successfully whiten stubborn teeth stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, laser whitening induces no damage to teeth and is safe and liable for every patient. However, It is not recommended for kids under the age of 14.

Laser whitening treatment procedure is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). All safety precautions are taken care of and studied, and It is not painful at all.

The two side effects that often occur after the teeth whitening treatment are tooth sensitivity and mild irritation of the mouth's soft tissues. 

Yes, the treatment lightens the pigment in teeth to enhance natural whitening. The effects of this can last from a few months up to three years. The lasting impact also depends on you following aftercare instructions.

  • Offer best Zoom teeth whitening treatment
  • Our proven methods enhance natural whitening of teeth
  • Services are offered by expert and experienced dentists who shine in proficiency

The right candidate for zoom teeth whitening must have good oral health. If you have prosthetics such as veneers or crowns, they might not respond to the whitening treatment.

Maintaining after-care and avoiding the use of dark-colored foods is important to make your teeth whitening treatment last longer.

Consult our dentists first if you have sensitive teeth. They will recommend desensitizing methods and tips which will help resolve your issue and you may get the whitening treatment afterward.

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