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You don’t have to showcase your braces when you smile. You can hide your traditional braces while continuing your oral healthcare treatment. With Ceramic Dental Braces, you don’t have to hide your smile anymore. You can freely do whatever you want, without showing your tooth train tracks. 

Ceramic Braces are the ultimate option if you’re not satisfied with traditional veneers. They are tooth-colored material that blends in with the rest of your teeth, creating an appealing look for your smile aesthetics. 

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces and metal braces are identical, the only difference is that ceramic braces are made of super hard, custom tooth-colored ceramics. The ceramic color matches your adjacent teeth color, hiding the actual veneers from the naked eye. 

They are glued over affected teeth and stay on during the treatment period. Also, there are no eating restrictions as they are prone to discolor and therefore are suitable for everyone.  

Why are Ceramic Dental Braces Important?

  • They are a good alternative to traditional braces
  • Ceramic Bridges and Crowns are also available
  • You feel more confident with ceramic braces
  • They are efficient at correcting improper bites
  • Perfect for straightening teeth

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are recommended by a lot of patients because they are:

  • Virtually Invisible: It is suitable for most adults as they don't want to showcase their metal braces and can't afford the costly dental treatment. Ceramic braces are stain-resistant and doesn't change color after months of usage.
  • Less Interface: Ceramic Braces doesn't produce any signal interference during an ultrasound, X-ray, and other imagining tests.
  • Faster Result: They are much faster compared to aligners and metal braces.

Ceramic Crown & Bridge: Procedure

  • During your first visit, your overall teeth and gum health is checked by your orthodontist. If there are problems found in the existing tooth or gum, then a certain treatment is required before proceeding.
  • Once the problem is fixed, the orthodontist will take photographs and X-rays of your teeth and provide you with a treatment plan
  • The dentist may also use spacers to prepare the teeth before the actual treatment
  • The Ceramic Price is discussed as per your teeth condition and requirement
  • After this, your teeth are cleaned and prepared for the attachment process
  • Ceramic brackets are placed on your teeth by using a non-toxic adhesive
  • Metal bands are used to anchor the brackets and are adjusted as per your comfort
  • A small rubber or ligature is used to connect the arch wires and fix the final result in place
  • The wire is then carefully cut to prevent any internal pain
  • Post Treatment process and next appointment is discussed after this

Frequently Asked Questions

They can take from a couple of months to years. But the overall treatment process depends on the severity of the case. 

It depends on a number of factors and your orthodontist can better answer this after careful consideration and analysis of your oral health. 

The treatment process and time interval are the same as normal braces. The only difference is the material. 

Adults or anyone that are not comfortable with using metals in their mouth are perfect candidates for ceramic braces.

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