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Gum Disease Treatment

Achieving good oral health not only protects our teeth but also keep our gums healthy from any diseases. Our gums say a lot about our health as it is the main thing that connects our teeth in place. Gum disease is a very common condition where gums become red, sore, swollen, or infected. 

Any periodontal treatment is handled with care by a specialized dentist. At BellaViso, our specialized provide the best Gum disease treatment combining compassionate care, modern technology, and extensive years of experience for your healthy smile.

Prevent Periodontal Disease

In a more technical term, prolonged tartar buildup can cause inflammation in your mouth that initially causes swollen gums. If not treated in time can lead to excessive bleeding whilst brushing teeth. A simple treatment, together with a good oral diet will cure the problem and provide a more aesthetic condition in your mouth. 

Periodontal is a disease caused by bacteria. It causes teeth to gradually lose their support and results to loosen teeth. It is the most common cause of loose teeth among children and adults. People are mostly unaware of this disease as it doesn’t cause any pain until it spreads at full scale. A Periodontist Dentist can detect the early symptoms of gum disease and prevent it from progressing. Patients with extensive treatment are often referred to a Gum specialist.

Causes of Gum Disease or Periodontal

Various factors can cause periodontal infection which includes:

Signs of Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment

A gum disease treatment aims to provide comfort in your mouth by reducing the inflammation, recede the depth of pockets, reattach healthy hums, and minimize the risk of infection. A gum specialist Dubai will check-up your oral condition and perform any surgical or non-surgical procedures.

The surgical treatment

Includes special check-ups and follows a specialized dentistry procedure.

  • Flap Surgery: In this procedure, the gums are lifted and tartar is removed. After this, the dentist places the gums back in their original position to reduce pockets. 
  • Soft tissue grafting: This includes the filling of receded gums. After this, grafted tissue is stitched on the affected area. 
  • Guided tissue regeneration: A mesh-like fabric is used in between your gum and bone. This helps the tissue regrow in the selected area, destroying the disease naturally. 
  • Bone Surgery: This is a specialized treatment, for patients that suffer from bone loss. In this, the bone is reshaped to minimize craters.

Non-surgical Treatment

The non-surgical treatment includes:

  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Scaling and root planning

Seeing your Dentist

You should make an appointment with your dentist if your gums are bleeding excessively or swollen. At BellaViso, we have Gum Specialist Dentistry Dubai that can carry out a proper dental examination and provide a treatment solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gum disease can be caused by poor oral hygiene, bacteria, plaque, or related common issues. 

Gum disease treatment is a cost-effective solution for your poor health condition. The cost of treatment depends on surgical or non-surgical procedures.

A thorough gum prevention treatment can keep the problem from getting worse. The treatment recovery and time-frame usually depend on the cause of the problem.

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