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Dental Hygienist Dubai

Maintaining good dental hygiene ensures that your tooth is protected from all the possible dental problems and issues in the future. While flossing and brushing are crucial for regularly, it is recommended that you should visit a Dental hygienist professional at an early age. 

Regular checkups and good healthcare ensure that your every dental issue is corrected and you’re safe from initial problems such as gingivitis and cavities before they grow or become serious. Dental hygienists at BellaViso are specially trained to work with the dentist to provide you with a collaborative solution. They play an important role in your oral health, providing you with prevention tips and teaching methods to save yourself from all trouble. 

Dental Hygiene Dentist

A dental hygiene dentist isn’t just focused on your oral health, it includes numerous other services like cleaning of your gums and teeth, without any need for surgical procedure. A timely visit to a dental hygiene dentist is important for your oral health maintenance and appearance change. This not just improves the condition of your gums, but also your self-confidence. 

  • Safe and secure method
  • Optimal Results
  • Reduced risk of scarring
  • No downtime
  • Stops the expansion of mole
  • Completely secure and comfortable treatment

Importance of Dental Hygiene

Good oral hygiene will help you prevent

  • Extensive Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Infection
  • Gum Disease
  • Bad Breath
  • Colored Tooth

Dental Hygiene for Kids

Regular brushing and flossing is an important part of your kid’s oral hygiene. 

  • Brushing
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day
  • Use a soft brush, and gently rub it on your teeth without any force
  • Practice good technique and hold your brush in a slight angle
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing
  • Daily flossing is important as your brush can't reach tight spaces
  • Take one tooth at a time, and remember to be gentle

Dental Hygiene Session

At BellaViso, A dental hygiene session includes the following steps

  • Consultation: For any medical assistance or oral health issue, consult with professionals
  • Appointment: Book an appointment with our specialists and save your time
  • Prescription: Your doctors will provide you with a diagnostic prescription in which all the suitable medication is prescribed
  • Treatment: Specialized dentist will perform the treatment, in collaboration with the hygienist.
  • Follow up: A post-treatment is scheduled to check the overall progress of your oral health.

Bad Breath Treatment Dubai

Even if you properly brush and floss your teeth, a cleaning session is required to get rid of bad breath. At a minimum, you should perform a cleaning checkup twice a year. Using this, your dentist will be able to spot possible issues if they occur. Schedule an appointment today, and thoroughly check the condition of your oral hygiene by the best dental hygienist in Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Use daily brushing and flossing. Drink more water, eat fresh and crunchy vegetables, fruits, and limit the usage of acidic foods and sugary. Invest in a good quality mouthwash that contains fluoride. 

It depends on individual circumstances and previous dental health. For a regular person, it is recommended that you should visit your dental hygienist every 6 months. 

The signs of poor oral hygiene include tooth pain, bleeding, deteriorating gums, bleeding, swelling, and alterations of the tongue.

  • Oral Hygiene Tips on every Visit
  • Specialized Dental Hygiene doctors
  • State of the art treatment process

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