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Dental Bridges and Dental Crown in Dubai

We at BellaViso, ensure that you get perfectly aligned teeth and restore your symmetrical facial structure. Our dentists utilize certified methods and modern tools to go through the procedure. Whether It is an aging factor—the cause of your damaged teeth or bad oral hygiene, dental crowns, and bridges are what you need. Crown teeth and Crown Bridge are designed to harmonize the color of your natural teeth. Moreover, these devices also help to fix your teeth’s appearance and alignment. In contrast to removable devices, crowns and bridges are fixated into implants or existing teeth. Only a dentist can remove these devices. 

Dental Bridges and Dental Crown in Dubai

Affordable Dental Bridges in Dubai

A dental bridge works as a bridge between multiple teeth. When you have one or two absent teeth, a dental bridge is what you need to fill the spot left by the missing teeth. A dental bridge is a sort of like a multi-purpose device. It fills the gap between teeth and also prevents them from being misaligned. Because empty space can be the reason for a bad bite and can cause misalignment on many occasions, it is not suitable for your oral hygiene. Furthermore, gum disease such as Templo Mandibular can be prevented with the crown teeth and crown bridges. A dental bridge is designed of usually two crowns on each side. The bridge also serves as a support, considering your natural color of teeth. We at BellaViso choose the perfect dental bridges in Dubai for you at an affordable price.

Types of Dental Bridges

Following are four types of dental bridges:

Traditional Dental Bridge

Traditional Dental Bridges

These are the most common crown bridges. Traditional dental bridges are designed to hold one or more fake teeth—also referred to as pontics. The bridge is held in one spot by dental crowns and fastened upon teeth nearby to patients missing teeth. Traditional dental bridges are most common because they serve various purposes.

Cantilever Bridge

Cantilever Bridges

Almost similar to traditional bridges, Cantilever bridges can be another good option to replace a missing tooth. The fake tooth is supported by an adjacent only from one side, instead of both. This way, If there’s merely one natural tooth near the gap, the bridge will, therefore, still be secured.

Maryland Bridge

Maryland Bridges

Consist of a Pontic held at one position by a porcelain framework or metal. These bridges are considered an alternative to traditional bridges. The frame is cemented to the back of the missing tooth.

Implant Supported Bridges

Implant-Supported Bridges

These types of dental bridges are utilized to fill the gap If more than one or two teeth are missing. Rather than on framework or crowns, these bridges are supported by implants. One implant for every missing tooth. The sequence of implants keeps the bridge still.

Best Dental Crown Services in Dubai

In our busy lives, we merely brood over the fact that foods we are eating can have a negative impact on our teeth. Especially dark-colored substances do the most damage. And after years of bad hygiene, bad diet, or trauma, It seems impossible to reverse the impact. A dental crown covers your misaligned, damaged, and repulsive teeth. Our dentist at BellaViso provides the best dental crown in Dubai to restore and help you regain your pretty smile with a real tooth-like and long-lasting crown.

Types of Dental Crown

Crowns are manufactured, taking into account the candidate’s preference and his/her oral health condition. The following are the three types of dental crowns.

Emax Crown

Emax Crown

These dental crowns are recommended for front row teeth only. They are apparently thin. However, after bonding with natural teeth, their strength is enhanced.

Zirconia Crown

They provide a natural look of the tooth and are mainly used for posterior teeth. The Zirconium metal makes zirconia crowns. These are very good in strength because posterior teeth involve chewing.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are the most solid dental crowns. They last almost a lifetime or don't become obsolete after years. Gold, nickel, chromium are the most known metal crowns. They are mostly recommended for the molar region.
Why do I need a Dental Bridge

Why do I need a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can be the reason for many oral health issues. So we at BellaViso recommend dental bridges to: 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a crown works like a cap and is used to restore a tooth to Its natural look. Whereas a bridge works on existing teeth and fills the gap left by a missing tooth.

Both serve for different purposes. If a tooth has been damaged, a crown can enhance Its appearance. In contrast, If the tooth is missing, a bridge is used to replace the missing position.

Dentists at BellaViso make sure no gaps are left while fitting the bridge. So this won’t be an issue for you while you eat.

If you take good care of the crown, they can last amid 5 to 15 years. Again, longevity entirely depends on your oral hygiene practices.

    • We offer the best dental crown and bridges in Dubai.
    • We make sure no ill-fitting is done that can cause bad breathing or other severe oral health issues.
    • Our procedures are aimed to provide you a comfortable experience.