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Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks aren’t harmful or painful, but some people feel uncomfortable having marks on their bodies. It is estimated that 90% of the stretch marks can happen during pregnancy, 70% can happen in the teenage, and 40% of athletes can have stretch marks. The marks can appear around your breasts, hips, abdomen, upper arms, and legs. You don’t have to live with stretch marks anymore, you can fix them!

BellaViso presents you with the best stretch marks treatment in Dubai to restore your inner-confidence. The treatment will help you in permanently removing stretch marks, boost confidence, self-esteem level, and offer younger, attractive, and beautiful skin. 

Stretch Marks Causes

Stretch marks are often caused by the tearing of the uppermost layer of the skin. They are silver lines in color but sometimes can turn to red or pink depending on your color contrast. Pregnancy can bring your body some miraculous transformation. It is important to consider an effective stretch marks removal treatment as soon as you have childbirth. Despite having these technological improvements over the years, stretch marks remained a challenge. 

The most effective, safe, and reliable treatment is to have stretch marks laser removal. BellaViso offers the best laser removal treatment for stretch marks in Dubai. Our equipment is FDA approved to provide a safe and effective treatment solution.

Benefits of Stretch Marks Removal

Who is the Perfect candidate for Stretch Marks Treatment?

Stretch marks aren’t affiliated with aging or your skin’s overall health. It can also happen for a couple of other reasons. The following conditions are perfect for the treatment if you do:

Stretch Marks Treatment Options in Dubai

The modern-day technology makes every cosmetic treatment easy, safe, and convenient for everyone. Besides retexturing the stretch marks, this treatment procedure will also enhance the elastin and collagen level of your skin. Skin elasticity leads to stretch marks and these non-invasive procedures directly target it. There are many advanced treatments for stretch marks. At BellaViso, we provide you the following stretch marks treatment. 

Pre-Operative Care Treatment

Although the surgeon will provide you with complete details during the consultation session, you can prepare yourself by the following instructions:

Post-Operative Care Treatment

Like the pre-operative instructions, the following steps are mandatory for you to follow. 

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Now stretch marks removal treatment in Dubai is possible with the right precision and effective results. BellaViso has abroad some of the finest dermatologists surgeons in Dubai. We offer a wide range of treatment solutions for your every cosmetic related problem. Stretch marks treatment on arms, back, stomach, legs might interest you. For a better understanding, you’re always welcome and schedule a consultation with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch marks are caused by childbirth, strenuous exercise, and other body transformation factors. 

You can permanently get rid of stretch marks by following a laser treatment removal. 

The procedure is completely safe, secure, and comes with no-hidden side effects. 

  • It depends on your skin type and the level of stretch marks you have on your body. For a simple process, 2 sessions are required. The first includes the main procedure and the second deals with the touch-up. 

    • Non-invasive Treatment for Stretch Marks
    • Free Consolation and after treatment perks
    • No hidden charges or overlays, straight forward procedure