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Snap on Smile

A beautiful smile not only provides appearance change on our face, but it also increases the confidence and the passion to achieve something remarkable. Snap on Smile is a simple yet realistic way to attain a beautiful Hollywood smile. It is not only excellent provisional, but it also provides great aesthetics. BellaViso provides you the hi-tech snap on smile services in Dubai at the most affordable rates. For patients that are hesitant to commit cosmetic treatment, a snap-on smile is the perfect restoration solution for you. 

What is Snap-on Smile

Snap-on Smile is made of a very thin and strong layer of dental resin. It can be placed over your teeth to conceal missing or crooked teeth, chips, gaps, and tooth stains. It is a customized appliance that perfectly fit over your natural teeth. Snap-on Smile is the most affordable, convenient, temporary, and long-term cosmetic solution for your natural smile. It is also very ergonomic in terms of usage; you can easily snap in and out without any dental procedure. It can be used for

Snap on Smile - A Treatment for Everyone

What makes snap on smile special is its unique material and procedure to cope with multiple dental problems. The material is made of a very thin and strong layer of dental resin that perfectly fits your natural tooth structure.

It also doesn’t require any drills, shots, or any other unpleasant experience that makes you hesitant to visit the dentist. It can give you confidence no-other treatment can offer, thanks to its multipurpose and affordable procedure. Snap on smile is a perfect alternative for veneers, crowns, and implants.

At BellaViso, Snap on Smile Dubai is available for both upper and lower teeth. It is a life-changing solution for

An Easy and Effective Treatment Solution

Snap-on smile treatment solution is easy, painless, and can start on the same day.

Benefits of Snap on Smile

Here’s a list of advantages that comes with a snap on smile:

Snap on Smile Dubai

Cosmetic Dental work such as dental veneers or crowns usually involves some drilling for alignment. For a patient that has dental phobia, the thought of drilling on your mouth or injection is simply a nightmare. Not all of us are comfortable with such cosmetic treatment. With Snap on Smile, you can achieve a straight, beautiful, and clean Hollywood smile in just two appointments. There’s no injection, drilling or shots. Here are some of the highlighted advantages that come with having a snap on smile procedure.

The Treatment Process

The treatment process will involve just two dental visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

A snap on smile appliance is expected to last about 5 to 8 years. It can last longer with proper care and oral hygiene.

As the name suggests, snap on smile can simply "snap" onto your own teeth. Just snap them out when you are eating something hard.

A Snap on Smile appliance is a very thin and strong layer of dental resin. You can easily snap them off when you are eating or in your home. It is the most effective way to get a beautiful Hollywood smile.

Snap on Smile comes in different shapes and sizes. The overall cost and treatment process is explained by your cosmetic dentist.

  • Beautiful Smile in Just 2 visits
  • Guaranteed Instant Results
  • Custom Made Dental Resin

Snap on smile does not stain like your natural teeth. However, a frequent cleaning procedure is required to achieve the best white color consistency. The cleaning process is the same as your normal tooth structure.

Yes, you can eat, chew, and drink while having a snap on smile. There are some indications, like when you’re eating something hard then take it off or use your lower-end teeth for this.

Although your regular cleaning toothpaste will work fine with a snap on smile, however, for best optimal results, follow your dentist's recommendations as every patient dental condition is different.

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