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Dark Circles Skin Treatment

Dark circles can be one of the most bothersome signs of aging. Having them under your eyes can invite some unwanted comments about your age and how tired you look. And now with the lack of screen and excessive screen time, they are common in the younger generation.

If you’re tired of this and want a quick fix that lasts longer, then you’re at the right place. BellaViso presents you with the best Dark Circle treatment in Dubai. We follow the advanced medical procedure to cater to dark circles and bags to get you younger-looking skin. And rest assured that our treatment options are cost-effective, reliable, and offer effective results.

What are the Causes of the Dark Circle?

There can be numerous variables that lead to dark circles around your eyes. They can range from a simple maturing procedure to a more advanced medical or surgical procedure. Some basic dark circle reasons include:

Dark Circles Treatment Solutions

Following are the dark circle’s remedy solution available at BellaViso:

Dark Circles Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment care is an important aspect of your overall dark circle removal process. Depending on the treatment you’ve appointed, the following points are mandatory for you to follow.

Dark Circles Post-Treatment Care

Although you can immediately start your everyday routine, the precautionary measures are required to follow.

Results of Dark Circle Treatment Dubai

Once you are undergone the treatment, the results will start to pop up in a few days. Depending on your skin condition, you may require follow-up for 4-6 sessions. After this, you don’t have to use concealer or worry about covering your circles with makeup – The results will be more prominent and younger-looking.

How BellaViso dark circle treatment work?

We follow the most advanced procedures to carry out cosmetic solutions at BellaViso. Our advanced machinery combined with experienced dermatologists allows us to offer the best dark circle removal treatment in Dubai. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and discuss the possible treatment option with our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dark circles are caused by lower eyelid laxity, nasal congestion, hyper-pigmentation, environmental pollution, skin allergies, bulging of under-eye fat, sun damage, and no proper restful routine.

Yes, dark circles can be easily treated and don't require any intensive treatment procedure.

The treatment is recommended after careful analysis, your previous medication condition, and other skin related issues. Mostly, laser treatment is used by surgeons. 

Although no treatment provides 2 days result, the dark circle laser process can increase the overall aesthetics in a limited time frame.

  • We offer different treatment procedure
  • No risk, pain, or side-effect involved
  • Limited sessions are needed

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