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Zirconia Crown Dubai

A dental cover that gives your tooth a natural, beautiful, and aesthetic look. If you think your tooth needs Zirconia Crown in Dubai, BellaViso Medical Center is at your service. Zirconia crown is the most obstinate type of dental crown used in dentistry. It is well known because of the material – Zirconium. Due to their durability and natural look, zirconia crowns are getting widely popular in Dubai. They perform particularly to resist the wear and tear of crunching and chewing. Whether your teeth are broken, crooked, or damaged the dental crown can help any type of teeth restoration and Zirconium ensures long-lasting restoration. Another quality worth mentioning is that the material is almost indistinguishable as a fake tooth, providing a beautiful and natural look. Furthermore, they are more robust than porcelain crowns.
Zirconia Crown Dubai, Zirconia Crown Teeth
What is Zirconia Crown

What is Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia or Zirconium is a well-known material that has transformed the industry of dentistry. It is considered the hardest material when compared to other teeth restoration materials. The Zirconia utilized in dentistry is Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2). The material comes in various shapes and sizes and requires complex computer systems for processing. Dental crowns and dental bridges are manufactured using this robust material. Besides this, another reason that makes Zirconia crown a get-to is its teeth-like color. They are also polished from a chunk of crystal. And guaranteed to be 5 times stronger than porcelain. The material is almost indistinguishable from your existing tooth and renders perfect support on top of a broken tooth. Not only in dentistry, but it also comes in various medical uses and is 100% biocompatible. Zirconia is also used in several prostheses such as surgeries of the ear, hip finger, etc. Zirconia teeth restorations are widely known because they do not contain any metal inside and turn out to be highly aesthetics.

Types of Zirconia Crown

There are primarily two types of Zirconia. Our highly advanced CAD-CAM technology efficiently designs both models. Zirconia-based prostheses are highly specific because they are processed with computers.

  1. Translucent Zirconia

This Zirconia type gives your teeth a natural look. It is translucent, which means no one would be able to tell If you are wearing a dental crown. This one is more apt for anterior teeth. It is superior in appearance and also higher in strength If compared to Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM).

  1. Solid Zirconia

Solid Zirconia is evidently stronger than translucent Zirconia. It can effortlessly withstand chewing, grinding, and biting forces. Solid Zirconia also offers excellent support to root canal teeth. Furthermore, unlike translucent Zirconia, solid Zirconia is opaque and suited for rear teeth.

Types of Zirconia Crown

Benefits of Zirconia Teeth Crown

Dentists and satisfied patients believe in Zirconia Crown because of the following benefits:


The material is 100% biocompatible—that simply means it won't cause any type of allergic issues.

Aesthetic Looks

Zirconium is found white naturally. It suits best to match with your existing teeth. It allows the transformation of any color. Furthermore, the material is translucent and imitates the translucency of your teeth.

Gives you a Perfect Smile

Unlike PFM crowns, Zirconia crowns are manufactured by excluding the metal lining on the gum. The silver metal lining in the PFM crown is simply more revealing when you smile. With the Zirconia crown, you don't lose your pretty smile. Moreover, the dental crown can be given any shape to cover your smile entirely.


Patients who would rather not want metal in their body, Zirconia crown is the best option for them. It makes you look young and render exceptional physical qualities. Different teeth restoration materials with metal lining can deprive you of your smile—except Zirconia. It enhances the aesthetics of your smile because it does not have any metal lining.

Render the Highest Strength

The extensive use of Zirconia crown only tells one thing, It is the most robust dental crown. And yes, without any doubt the crown can withstand chewing, biting, and even grinding forces. It is explicitly way stronger than Porcelain fused to the metal (PFM). It has a flexural strength of up to 1200 Mpa.

Affordable Zirconia Crown Dubai

We at BellaViso Medical center offer a sustainable, non-invasive, and affordable zirconia crown treatment in Dubai. Schedule an appointment with us today and get a FREE consultation from our medical professionals.

Zirconia Crown Procedure

Zirconia Crown: Procedure

The procedure of getting a Zirconia crown takes only two visits at the clinic. In the first visit, the dentist will examine the dental impression and oral health of the patient. After that, the patient will be sent to the lab for a customized Zirconia crown. A temporary crown is set until the permanent dental crown is ready. The patient is asked to visit after few days. During the second visit, the permanent Zirconium dental crown is set. The advantage of zirconia dental material is that. It can be shaped according to the real teeth to look natural.

Zirconia Crown: Preparation

The preparation of Zirconia is carried out from a single block of Zirconium. It is known as monolithic Zirconia.

They are exceptionally resistant to tear and wear as well as cracks. Before monolithic, Zirconia was made from Porcelain, and they were not very durable.

Zirconia Crown Dubai Preparation

Why Choose Us

BellaViso Medical Center offers an upgraded version of the zirconia crown in Dubai. Since these crowns are unique and a little hard to match the rest of the teeth, we use porcelain to create a more natural look.

Our professional dentistry procedure will leave you in no trouble. We make everything clear from the procedure to aftercare, cost, and everything in between. Have any questions? Reach out to us at +971504278083 .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is better than not only Porcelain but also any other teeth restoration material due to its durability and sustainability.

It is almost impossible to remove the Zirconia crown without any mutilation of teeth preparation. However, a crown with resin-modified glasses can easily be removed.

Depending on your eating habit, the color will last anywhere from 3-5 years. Proper hygiene care and re-checkup are required to ensure the longevity of the crown.

Yes, like natural teeth, the zirconia crown can get chipped. If the crack is not much significant, It can be easily repaired with the help of resin.

  • We use superior Zirconium material for the Zirconia crown
  • Our dentist examines your dental impression and customizes a crown for aesthetic looks
  • Our experts use certified methods that render long-lasting effects

Depending on your dental hygiene, a zirconia crown can last between 10 and 15 years. They rank among the most durable and strongest dental crown in Dubai.

One of the biggest advantages of the zirconia crown is its durability. They have in fact, more strength than our regular teeth and can easily chew hard materials.

BellaViso Medical Center charges different prices for Zirconia Crowns. The average cost ranges from AED 1500 to AED 3000 depending on your previous oral condition and other factors.

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