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Improve the Aesthetics of your Smile | Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai

Have you always dreamed of getting a perfect smile? Do you want perfectly aligned teeth with no stained or worn-out features? Then our team of cosmetic dentistry providers in Dubai can offer you a wide range of solutions to enhance your natural-looking charm.

BellaViso aesthetic dentistry department can transform your smile and make it your prized accessory. We offer advanced medical solutions ranging from simple dental procedures to aligners and advanced treatments to offer you a refreshing, natural-looking, and jaw-dropping smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. The treatment includes many cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns, veneers, aligners, Invisalign, and Hollywood smile. You can benefit from cosmetic dentistry if you have:

Veneers for a Stunning Smile

One of the most prompt-out cosmetic dentistry procedures – Our porcelain veneers are made of super-thin material that reflects your natural teeth color, bonded on top of your misshaped, chipped, and stained teeth.

Dentists at BellaViso take impressions of your mouth before the treatment and make customized veneers that are easy to adjust and perfectly cover your entire jaw. Because of this versatility, our veneer treatment is one of the best in Dubai. Pairing this with the principle of smile design, we will help you recreate a natural-looking smile that complements your personality.

Composite Bonding

It is a modern procedure to restore uneven, chipped, or close trivial gaps between teeth. A composite bonding solution includes a number of different cosmetic procedures to get the preferred results. It can be used to fix broken teeth and to reshape them to their existing condition.

We at BellaViso build a strong resin bond material glued to your teeth that last longer and is more durable. The best part of composite bonding is that it doesn’t require your dentist to remove any tooth. The procedure is safe, secure and can be implemented in only one visit.

Gum Contouring

People lose their confidence to smile if their gums are revealing too much. Sometimes it’s not misaligned teeth that can deprive you of your perfect natural look. It can be extra-revealing gums. 

We at BellaViso can help you with your misshaped gums and offer a dazzling and confident look. Our gum contouring treatment provides an excellent oral shape that perfectly aligns with your teeth. This process is also referred to as reshaping and does not cause any pain or irritation to the gums.

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover treatment follows a variety of different procedures to rebuild the natural beauty of your face. This may include veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening, Onlays, crowns, and gum contouring – all of which are carefully performed by our experienced cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.

Cosmetic Dentistry provides you the perfect smile you always wanted!

From surgical procedures to smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry is like an all-in-one solution to endow you with a natural-looking smile. At BellaViso, we not just offer you a partial fix for your dental problem, We make sure that you feel confident and motivated whatever the cosmetic treatment you choose.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry can help enhance your overall aesthetic appearance by:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, It is not painful at all. With the advancement in technology, cosmetic dentistry is more comfortable and painless than ever before.


The research suggests that over 90% of the implants (including minor repairments) may last 7-8 years.

Yes, a cosmetic dentistry procedure can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your smile.

It is a combination of a couple of dentistry procedures. Aesthetic dentistry is focused on giving a natural and best appearance to the patient's teeth and provides a dazzling smile.

  • Confident cosmetic smile, coming your way
  • Expert staff in all fields of cosmetic surgery
  • Certified and well-experienced doctors

Anyone who is looking to enhance their smile and want to improve the way their teeth look. A cosmetic dentistry procedure may or may not cover teeth extraction, but the service is designed to tailor to your current oral condition.

BellaViso Medical Center

BellaViso is a state of the art medical center in Al Barsha, Dubai. Our years of experience and advanced technological equipment allow us to perform complex surgeries and Laser resurfacing with the right precision. We are dedicated to deliver each of our patients the beautiful smile they deserve.


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