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Improve the Aesthetics of your Smile | Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai

If you would have been born in the pre-modern era, where technology was yet to be modernized. The only option was to live with your smile in whatever manner it was. However, in this twenty-first century, you can get a pretty smile through cosmetic dentistry at BellaViso in Dubai. The cosmetic dentistry allows you to choose from an array of options. Our best cosmetic dentist at BellaViso offers to intensify the aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry relatively is a solution to many teeth problems. Such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, damaged teeth, filled cavities, and misaligned teeth. All the issues that defame your smile’s aesthetic appearance.

We have a team of specialized aesthetic dentists in Dubai that work collaborate to bring a beautiful smile on your face. Cosmetic dentistry Dubai focuses on creating a positive change in your aesthetic impression. And provides you with a smile bursting with enthusiasm and energy.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is an amalgam of various treatments strived to provide you an aesthetic smile. It involves a variety of different therapies that help give you a better and enhanced cosmetic look. If your teeth are crooked, stained, worn, chipped, or broken, our best cosmetic dentists will provide you with a stunning teeth appearance. Aesthetic dentist Dubai can also help patients with misaligned jaws and teeth. Now, most people have in their mind that cosmetic dentistry only includes teeth whitening and veneers. However, our team of experts at BellaViso does more than that. The following are types of most common cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Veneers for a Stunning Smile

Veneers are the easiest and prompt way to get a better smile in no time. Moreover, they are not only used for the enhancement of the natural look of teeth. But also to fix a misaligned or broken tooth. A veneer is basically super-thin and made of porcelain, fastened on the top of the tooth. It is cemented over your faulty tooth. This way, the crowded, stained, or misaligned tooth is easily fixed. Dentists at our cosmetic denstistry clinic, Dubai, can also help set the position of the misaligned tooth and adjacent spaces between the teeth. Using the best quality veneers, we at BellaViso ensure that your natural smile will be restored that will suit your personality.

Composite Bonding

It is a modern procedure to restore uneven, chipped, or close trivial gaps between teeth. A composite bonding solution includes a number of different cosmetic procedures to get the preferred results. It can be used to fix broken teeth and to reshape them to their existing condition.

We at BellaViso build a strong resin bond material glued to your teeth that last longer and is more durable. The best part of composite bonding is that it doesn’t require your dentist to remove any tooth. The procedure is safe, secure and can be implemented in only one visit.

Gum Contouring

People lose their confidence to smile if their gums are revealing too much. Sometimes it’s not misaligned teeth that can deprive you of your perfect natural look. It can be extra-revealing gums. Here Gum Contouring comes in to get rid of your gummy smile and replace it with a dazzling, more confident one. Our gum contouring specialist carries out this procedure that provides you with better aesthetics and excellent oral health. The process is also referred to as reshaping. The therapy does not cause pain or irritation in the gums. Our Laser technology makes sure of that.

Smile Makeovers

However, your natural smile must be pretty, sometimes we need a cosmetic treatment to enhance its aesthetic. Smile Makeover is all about that. It is the treatment that our experts do on an almost daily basis. So you can bet they have a lot of experience with individuals. However, it depends on your preferences. The smile makeover involves Veneers, Crowns, Dental Bridges, Onlays, and Teeth Whitening. All of these devices and procedures are combined to harmonize your cosmetic appearance naturally.

Cosmetic Dentistry provides you the perfect smile you always wanted!

From surgical procedures to smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry is like an all-in-one solution to endow you with a natural-looking smile. At BellaViso, we not just offer you a partial fix for your dental problem, We make sure that you feel confident and motivated whatever the cosmetic treatment you choose.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry can help enhance your overall aesthetic appearance by:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, It is not painful at all. With the advancement in technology, cosmetic dentistry is more comfortable and painless than ever before.


The research suggests that over 90% of the implants (including minor repairments) may last 7-8 years.

Yes, a cosmetic dentistry procedure can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your smile.

It is a combination of a couple of dentistry procedures. Aesthetic dentistry is focused on giving a natural and best appearance to the patient's teeth and provides a dazzling smile.

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