How Does Candela Gentle Max Pro Work?

How Does Candela Gentle Max Pro Work?

How Does Candela Gentle Max Pro Work?

If you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal, you probably have started doing some research. Very wise! Are you searching for the right laser hair removal treatment to get the desired results for the right price without any pain? Then Candela Gentle Max Pro laser hair removal treatment offered by BellaViso, the laser hair removal clinic in Dubai will be the right option.

What is Candela Gentle Max Pro?

The Candela Gentle Max Pro offers a non-invasive laser hair removal procedure with a cooling option. The machine comes with a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) which provides a consistent burst of a protective cooling agent cryogen whenever a laser is fired on the skin surface. This is also equipped with an Air Cooling Compatible (ACC) technology that directs cold air to the laser-treated area for patient comfort.

Key Features of the Candela Gentle Max Pro

The Candela Gentle Max Pro laser machine is jam-packed with a whole list of features designed to provide a soothing laser hair removal experience for patients of all skin tones. Some of the highlights of this laser machine are listed as follows:-

Reliability: Compared to all other laser machines available on the market today, the Candela Gentle Max pro has been rated as the best performer for speed and reliability. Its versatility and long-lasting results make it the best choice for dermatologists and aesthetic cosmetic professionals.

Wavelength: The Candela Gentle Max Pro laser machines have a two-wavelength system. It incorporates a 755 nm Alexandrite and a super 1064 nm YAG laser. All these results in providing the best results with safety in mind.

Hair Removal: Perfectly designed for providing exceptional results for laser hair removal, the Candela Gentle Max Pro provides soothing relief from numerous skin conditions and treats skin damage and spider veins.

Which Body Parts can be treated using the Candela Gentle Max Pro?

The laser hair removal machine can be used to remove hair on:

• Legs

• Upper lip

• Chin

• Underarms

• Bikini area

• Back

• Chest

No matter where you have unwanted hair, the Gentle Max Pro laser machine can permanently remove it. At BellaViso, the laser hair removal clinic in Dubai offers the most advanced machines and the latest types of laser hair removal technologies catering to both men and women.

Is Candela Gentle Max Pro Safe?

Laser hair removal treatment performed using the Candela Gentle Max Pro laser machine is completely safe and effective for all types of skin tones. As the machine is equipped with a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) and Air Cooling Compatible (ACC), the treatment process gives outstanding results within a few treatment sessions.

How Much Does the Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Cost?

There are thousands of laser hair removal clinics in Dubai. The cost of the treatment varies depending on the clinic you choose, the thickness of your hair, the area to be treated, and your skin tone. To get a clear idea about the cost of laser hair removal in Dubai, contact BellaViso, the best laser hair removal center in Dubai.
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